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JAY TECH,Everything for surface treatment

PTA(Purifed Terephthalic Acid)

It has white powder shape at room temperature and is mainly used as polyester fiber materials, while sometimes used as materials for tire cord, film, bottles and paints.

CMA(Cobalt Manganese Acetate)와 CMB(Cobalt Mangavese Bromide)

As a positive catalyst used for redox reaction in production of PTA, they are composed of mixtures of cobalt, manganese, acetate, bromide. And by making over 99.9% cobalt metal and manganese metal to zero of impurity and insolubility, we have been supplying to local PTA makers such as Yeocheon Plant of Samnam Petrochemical, Seosan and Ulsan Plant of Samsung Petrochemical, Taekwang Industrial.