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JAY TECH,Everything for surface treatment

Chemical Conversion Coating

Chromate coating has been used for temporary rust prevention like the case of preventing white rust or blackpatina during storage or transportation after production. But these days, its importance is emphasized as people’s awareness of it is changing to final rust prevention or undercoat purpose.

Chromate solution is composed of etching reagent expediting response with chromatic acid compounds supplying Cr6+; agent controlling No. 6 and 3 of chrome; addictive to improve corrosion resistance. And its use requires careful attention, as corrosion resistance and chromate filming on surface cannot be formed sufficiently without proper selection of component or addictive quantity.

Features of our Products

  • Excellent in corrosion resistance, blackpatina resistance and adhesion
  • Suitable to continuous production line due to its extremely short film formation time
  • Has good luster due to transparent color of chromate
  • Long-time storage is possible due to excellent self healing effects of films


JAYCOAT Y-2 : Chromate product for GI, GA
  • Color : Dark red
  • Features: Surface treatment for steel sheet with hot dip zincing
  • Function: Maintenance of own zinc luster, corrosion resistance(over 72hrs based on KSA 9502), Roll coater & spray applicable
JAYCOAT D-1 : Chromate product for HGi
  • Color : Dark red
  • Features : Surface treatment for Hgi
  • Function : Surface treatment for steel sheet plated with Al, Pb contained, zinc alloys; excellent in coverage and corrosion resistance; maintains function and corrosion resistance
PJCOAT F-1 : Treatment after chroming(required for use more than 25mg/m2/side)
  • Color : Dark green
  • Features : Surface treatment for steel sheet with hot dip zincing
  • Function : Has good appearance and luster; Cr use 30mg/m; can cover after chroming; good corrosion resistance and blackpatina resistance

Main Customers

  • POSCO(Gwangyang)
  • Dongbu(Asan, Incheon)
  • SHUNPO(China)