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JAY TECH,Everything for surface treatment

It refers to Electro Chrome Plating Roll, which is sometimes called Cr–Plating Roll or Cr-Coating Roll. 
Cr-Plating aims to improve quality of metals by attaching Cr films to metal surface by electric power and giving hardness, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance to metals.

Features of Chrome Plating

It depends on technology of bath control and electrical current control. Jaytech’s quality is recognized as the best one through the company’s unique know-hows.

Hard Cr – Plating

  • Allows high hardness of Hv 700 ~ 1000
  • Excellent in abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, lubricity, heat resistance, corrosion resistance.
  • Not corroded by acids other than hydrochloric acid
  • Good dimorphism

Due to these features, it is widely used in parts of automobiles, airplanes and ships.

Main fields to be applied
  • Steel Sheet Tandem Cold Mill
  • Steel Sheet Temper Mill
  • Aluminium Hot Reduction
  • Aluminium Cold Finishing
  • Collugate Paper Mill
  • Continuous Casting Mold
  • Temper Cold Mill

Main Customers

  • POSCO (Gwangyang, Pohang)
  • POSCO (POSCO Coated & Color Steel)
  • DONGBU (Asan, Incheon)
  • Other customers requiring plating for cold rolling roll in steelworks