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JAY TECH,Everything for surface treatment

Technology of “Rolling Work Roll Cr-Coating” developed for the first time in the country

Jaytech, founded in 1985, built the factory at Dongnam Complex, Changwon in 1986 and have been supplying to local petrochemical companies in Yeocheon, Ulsan, Seosan through technical cooperation with Nalco Chemical U.S.A. Since then, the company has been credited for its excellent quality and service.

In 1993, we developed technology of ‘Rolling Work Roll Cr-Coating' for the first time in the country and installed its facilities at our Changwon Plant and thereafter have been supplying to local steel makers including POSCO. We were selected as a Supplier of Excellent Apparatus by POSCO for our contribution to cost reduction, improvement of quality and productivity.

In 1994, we built the second plant in Jinyeong Agricultural Industrial Complex, Gimhae-si, Gyeongnam and signed a collaboration agreement with OMG Inc. U.S.A. in July 1996 and established J & O in the same plant. It has been producing a diverse range of specialty chemical and cobalt-related products and we took over whole shares of OMG in November 1998. So, we have been manufacturing cobalt-based catalysts solely among local companies to supply to PTA manufacturers across the country.

In 1997, we developed Moldwin coating technology of CU mold used in continuous casting facilities of steel products such as slab, bloom, beam blank in blast furnace and electric furnace companies and applied for a patent. We built related facilities within our Changwon Plant and have been supplying our products to POSCO -worldwide blast furnace user- as well as INI Steel, electric furnace user. Along the way, our technology is recognized as excellent one substituting existing technology of Ni-Cr Coating.

Particularly we were awarded with Excellent Korean Technology(KT) from the Ministry of Science and Technology for our continuous efforts for technology development in 1993 and 1994. And we applied for two patents in 1998. Through perfect service, we will do our best to satisfy our customers

Lee Jung-soon, CEO of Jaytech Co., Ltd.